Kanon Organic Vodka, Sweden 750 ML

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Kanon Organic Vodka, Sweden 750 ML

Vodka Maker Notes:

Those other vodkas have been toting for some time now that multiple distillation means quality, luxury or better taste. At Kanon we use pure ingredients that only need to be distilled once. Everything we put in our vodka is organic and locally sourced, from our wheat, to the water we get from our own artesian aquifer.We distill with extreme precision and divide each batch into three parts; the head, the heart and the tail. The heads and tails, which are packed with bad alcohols, are just a recipe for a hangover. We separate these and extract only the heart which is the pure ethanol. We mix it with water and bottle. That’s it! No additives, no sugar – just the full taste of organic wheat and artesian water. The taste and character of vodka, normally lost in subsequent distillations, are thereby maintained in perfect balance, with no burn.

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